Create custom image for gcp

besides following the steps in the video below
some of the commands were updated

keep in mind this only can be done on MacOS and Linux machines (no windows)
steps provided in the video are on MacOS
updated commands are for Linux Ubuntu

Upload Operating System to Google Cloud Platform Kali Linux

Commands are:

Create RAW disk using command

VBoxManage clonehd -format RAW ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/Kali/kali.qcow ~/disk.raw

/home/rootman/VirtualBox VMs/kali

VBoxManage clonemedium -format RAW kali.qcow disk.raw

Convert into tar format using command

gtar -cSzf kali.tar.gz disk.raw

Move the tar file to Google storage (gs) using command

gsutil cp kali.tar.gz gs://VirtualBox/kali.tar.gz

Create new virtual machine image using command

gcloud compute images kali –source-uri


my file located here:

gcloud compute images create kali –source-uri gs://cigar-win-keller1/kali.tar.gz

Create new virtual machine instance using command

gcloud compute instances create kali –image kali –machine-type n1-standard-1 –zone us-central1-b