What Do You Need to Know on Linux Based Web Hosting

Linux based web hosting has provided most companies and business organizations with simpler and cost effective ways of establishing their own websites.

Nowadays, most business organizations are looking for cheaper ways of marketing their products and services and that’s through creating of websites which has lots of information about them.

Linux web hosts provide these companies with incredible features to ensure that they achieve their web development plans.

Through Linux operating systems, a business organization easily builds websites that will help to steer up the company marketing strategies.

Linux based web hosts have also offered most companies a good chance to utilize fully the advantage of best technologies such as XML, Python, PHP and MYSQL.

There is also windows based hosting which most do not prefer because is way slower than Linux based hosting.

There couple of reasons why Linux web hosting is faster than windows based web hosting; Linux system uses something called pre-forking process meaning the possible web requests are pre-made and ready to deliver so as soon as the request comes it is delivered to their browser.

Another reason is programming or coding for the Linux platform is very close to machine language so the coding is not needed to be compiled twice or more which speeds up the performance on the Linux based web hosting.

Windows web hosting uses Microsoft products and technologies only and the codes need to be compiled once for the machine or hardware language and once for the software language which takes time and makes the system slower than the Linux web hosting.

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