here are some tips to create a SEO friendly web site (not easy but needed for online success)


SEO (search engine optimization) that is the most expensive and slowest process unless you paid ads on FB, Instagram and Google

the best that you can do to naturally get displayed on the front pages of the searches is unique, quality content so content is the king of SEO but you need to find the right people to write it for you with selected keywords with the right proportion of content and keywords etc.


Online Presence is important in SEO

website, blogs, FB business page, Google local listing, Instagram, LinkedIn business page, Twitter and many more


once you have your own website make sure you create
web analytical code and implement it in your site so you can track you is coming to your site and how

and web master tools as well those tools will help you navigate your site or see yourself how visible are you on the internet (if the links dont work just google them)


Paid ads can boost your traffic as well in shorter time

here is one very good tutorial on FB ads that can open your eyes or give you very good understanding on it.


You can use the Google's keyword planner for your campaign


You need to outsource small/big web projects

If you need to get SSL security certificate for your site for really cheap like $5 or so (normally they are $65)

If you need to your clients to sign some kind of agreement online before you conduct business, this link below may help you on that


Check your site SEO score or Content uniqueness


Plagiarism check on contents


Website SEO checker


Find out who spends how much on adwords campaigns


If you are interested in learning more about e-Commerce web solutions especially open source and free ones


Checkout CMS templates for less than $100 you can have a pro looking web site


Geolocation API:
Geolocation API

Geolocation requests

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